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Mrs. Zeisig ask me if I can provide the bulk tails to her. Surely it is no problems to me, as I c
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Paula Powers (WI 54751, U.S.A) says: ” I purchased this tail extension from you last winter
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Welcome to Y.J TAILS!

22 December;  Author: YJ TAILS

Hello everyone!

We know that with hundreds of websites on the web, we appreciate you stopping by!

We are a professional horse tail extensions maker in China and specialized in this field for over 20 years. All tails are legal in all breed associations which allow "hair on hair" attachment (AQHA, PHBA, NSBA, APHA, PtHA, POAC, etc).

Below is the making process: All horse tail extensions are made by hand with high expectations and feature 100% real horse hair collected from live Mongolia quality horses. All tails are firm glued from the inside with the highest quality materials.

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Currently, we have directly sold our horse tail extensions to the end users all over the world and received the users' consistent satisfaction. This online business allows us to keep our overhead expenses low and pass the savings on to our customers. We are not here to sell quantity, but QUALITY! We think of our customers as "clients". We strive to have the best customer service out there. We try to share our knowledge, but we also gain vast amounts of knowledge from our "clients" We thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you and be your first stop for horse tail extensions ------ Shop Policy Enjoy your stay! Y.J, President


Mrs. Zeisig ask me if I can provide the bulk tails to her. Surely it is no problems to me, as I consider at first, she may need this tails made by herself.

However, when she told me, she want this tail in a short length(18″), I have some doubt if he will use it to a horse. I asked if she want to make the tail to a pony. As he told me, no, I need it to make jewery. I’ve never seen this kind jewery, as when she told me, I was still confused.

But every creative mind can’t be obliterated. I will try my best to provide the high quality tail to her. She said she may need two pound tail with the length 18″ and color palomino. The palomino is a little white to her, so she asked if we can make a more yellowish color to her. Though for a tail to make may cost more and also spend two much time. We still are happy to make it.

She is very satisfied with the beautiful tail. Happy to share with you about this kind tail and her jewery kind!


Mr. Morais told me, he will use our horse hair for the exhibition as the theme of his work. He wants to make the horse hair as the base to overspread the table.

It is just like my weft kind, usually some of my customers order this kind, just want to wrap the hair around the horse tail, as the handicraft for the art exhibition, it is the first time.

Actually at first I don’t know his mind of the horse hair usage, just make the tail as he told me. He said the tail can overspread the table, the area is at least 100x73cm. And do not need to tie together, he needs an effect as a base background of his work. No matter the tail is thick or thin.

I totally understand what he wants, I told him if he needs the overspread area is around the table, I can help him make a tail with the area 100x80cm, and it just need 1.5 pounds to try the best to decrese the cost for him. Also about the color, he need the pure white, as this color is very precious, we suggest that he can use the palomino color which can save much spend to him.

Finally he agrees with it. I take one week to make the tail. When see the tail, he said it is really what he want.

So happy to hear this news. But what a pity, I’ve forgotten to take the photos, however also can share you another color, jet black, I don’t know the picture which show the whole tail, just leave this one, the bottom is blunt. Share to you!


My customer Mrs Duncan  purchased a palomino from me, as she thought her horse can be suitable for the palomino color.

Palomino, as you know is the yellow-white color, my palomino horse hair also have this character, his bottom is more yellowish.

At start, I really don’t know the color of her horse hair. She order the tail by herself, I didn’t have any communication during this time except the confirmation of delivery address. However, after she received the tail, she said:I am very happy with the tail, but it does not match my horse. If you can custom a tail similar with my horse?

I ask her to provide some pictures which are taken in the daylight to me. I just have a look at her horse. It is mixed with two colors which are so obvious, Med Sorrel and Pure White. I help her to make a color just the same as the tail, half med sorrel and half prue white.

When she receive and attach the tail, she told us:It matches perfect! So happy ending for this.

Below enclosed the picture for share.


Just now, the customer Mrs. Scott asked for the pure white horse hair, you know the white is very precious causing that the price is more expensive.

        I showed the pictures to her about the horse tail. She thought it is great and must be suitable for the horse. However, when we talked about the price, she shook her head and say it is so expensive. I try to tell her the price is much cheaper in this level. But she stick to stop this talking.

        Suddenly, another idea went to my mind. She is an Australian, many Australians prefer to attaching the horse tail in the middle rather than from the tail’s top. Therefore, I asked her if she show an interest in the short tail, as most people of the same country like the tail attached from the middles. It must have some inspiration to her. As she said: oh, great ideas!

        I’m happy of her word. I introduce the standard natural loop horse hair to her: 70-76cm long with double thickness(340g), tapered end. She show an strong interest in this kind, and she told me: Do you mind waiting for me? I need to have a look at my horse, and will let you know tomorrow. I’m pleased of this result. Just wait for her news.

       About this kind, also share here, with the horse tail, and with the effect which received from my customer.


One of my returning customers Mr. Smith told me, he always uses the rubber attachment, as it is easlier to attach.

I am so happy it can be introduced to you. As I just said before, all the tails are made by hand, also the whole process is a handwork with the real horse hair.

Usually as a customer needs a color, such as the light grey, it is mixed with the black and white, so I need to ask him what the proportion he wants to mix. Some people like our regular mix: black:white=3:7, so I need to choose 30% black and 70% pure white, then mix them symmetrically.

Secondly, I start to make the top. Usually I choose a safe and innoxious glue, to glue the horse hair together, and wait for its dry.

Finally the rubber is sewed around the top by hand. The topside is a braid which is braided with the horse hair.

Below attached this kind light grey for sharing, is it a good process! When you see the horse hair, you will feel the same with me.