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Mrs. Zeisig ask me if I can provide the bulk tails to her. Surely it is no problems to me, as I c
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Paula Powers (WI 54751, U.S.A) says: ” I purchased this tail extension from you last winter
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Rubber attachment for the Horse Tail Extension

29 June; Author: YJ TAILS

One of my returning customers Mr. Smith told me, he always uses the rubber attachment, as it is easlier to attach.

I am so happy it can be introduced to you. As I just said before, all the tails are made by hand, also the whole process is a handwork with the real horse hair.

Usually as a customer needs a color, such as the light grey, it is mixed with the black and white, so I need to ask him what the proportion he wants to mix. Some people like our regular mix: black:white=3:7, so I need to choose 30% black and 70% pure white, then mix them symmetrically.

Secondly, I start to make the top. Usually I choose a safe and innoxious glue, to glue the horse hair together, and wait for its dry.

Finally the rubber is sewed around the top by hand. The topside is a braid which is braided with the horse hair.

Below attached this kind light grey for sharing, is it a good process! When you see the horse hair, you will feel the same with me.


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