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Mrs. Zeisig ask me if I can provide the bulk tails to her. Surely it is no problems to me, as I c
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Paula Powers (WI 54751, U.S.A) says: ” I purchased this tail extension from you last winter
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Short horse hair attached from the Middle

5 July; Author: YJ TAILS

Just now, the customer Mrs. Scott asked for the pure white horse hair, you know the white is very precious causing that the price is more expensive.

        I showed the pictures to her about the horse tail. She thought it is great and must be suitable for the horse. However, when we talked about the price, she shook her head and say it is so expensive. I try to tell her the price is much cheaper in this level. But she stick to stop this talking.

        Suddenly, another idea went to my mind. She is an Australian, many Australians prefer to attaching the horse tail in the middle rather than from the tail’s top. Therefore, I asked her if she show an interest in the short tail, as most people of the same country like the tail attached from the middles. It must have some inspiration to her. As she said: oh, great ideas!

        I’m happy of her word. I introduce the standard natural loop horse hair to her: 70-76cm long with double thickness(340g), tapered end. She show an strong interest in this kind, and she told me: Do you mind waiting for me? I need to have a look at my horse, and will let you know tomorrow. I’m pleased of this result. Just wait for her news.

       About this kind, also share here, with the horse tail, and with the effect which received from my customer.

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