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Mrs. Zeisig ask me if I can provide the bulk tails to her. Surely it is no problems to me, as I c
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Paula Powers (WI 54751, U.S.A) says: ” I purchased this tail extension from you last winter
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Weft horse hair for an exihibition

6 July; Author: YJ TAILS

Mr. Morais told me, he will use our horse hair for the exhibition as the theme of his work. He wants to make the horse hair as the base to overspread the table.

It is just like my weft kind, usually some of my customers order this kind, just want to wrap the hair around the horse tail, as the handicraft for the art exhibition, it is the first time.

Actually at first I don’t know his mind of the horse hair usage, just make the tail as he told me. He said the tail can overspread the table, the area is at least 100x73cm. And do not need to tie together, he needs an effect as a base background of his work. No matter the tail is thick or thin.

I totally understand what he wants, I told him if he needs the overspread area is around the table, I can help him make a tail with the area 100x80cm, and it just need 1.5 pounds to try the best to decrese the cost for him. Also about the color, he need the pure white, as this color is very precious, we suggest that he can use the palomino color which can save much spend to him.

Finally he agrees with it. I take one week to make the tail. When see the tail, he said it is really what he want.

So happy to hear this news. But what a pity, I’ve forgotten to take the photos, however also can share you another color, jet black, I don’t know the picture which show the whole tail, just leave this one, the bottom is blunt. Share to you!

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